The strategic
agency advantage

Ringside collects and normalises data so you can help your clients make smarter marketing decisions.

We'll do the data.
You do you.

We know you'd prefer to spend your time improving marketing performance for your clients, not worrying about their data. We built Ringside to collect, store and normalise data – with realtime access to the granular, the aggregated, and machine learned insights. Understand the performance of your media with full truth and transparency. No limitations.

Hassle free

Easy Onboarding

Work with the Ringside concierege team for easy client onboarding, big sites or small sites, one client or one hundred. Minimal client technical requirements can be completed in minutes.

Consistent schema, repeatable reporting

Whatever vertical, wherever the data – every client has the same setup and schema. Use pre-created Ringside templates or share your own reporting between clients. Use whatever BI/MI tools you'd prefer and easily scale your reporting to multiple brands, accounts, geos and more.

Power ups, if needed

As and when it's needed, Ringside Data experts can work with you to answer your client's most complicated questions. If you'd prefer a more 'hands off' approach, data is always available for your own superheroes.

The easy way to everything

Your data in one place

Ringside finds, collects and collates your client's data and stores it in Google's BigQuery using Ringside's consumer journey schema. Granular or aggregated, everything is in the same place ready for you to use, with none of the hassle.

Safe and secure

Ringside Data leverage's the power of Google's Cloud infrastructure. All your data is stored in the cloud and permissions for access are assigned using Google's IAM privileges. Safe, secure and reliable.

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