Smarter data,
better marketing

With great power comes great responsibility. With great data comes great marketing.

Accurate, actionable data.
For analysts. For marketers.

Ringside Data is a solution, not an 'off the shelf' product. It's a different way to think about analytics - created by analysts and marketers, for analysts and marketers. Using our own proprietary tracking, combined with linked marketing tech platform data, Ringside provides you with the full customer journey and helps you understand the true value of your marketing performance.

First class web analytics

We created the first "customer journey schema" for our own analytics platform, no data sampling or manipulation. Raw data is stored, pre-configured aggregation that allows powerful analysis is available on top. Answer complex questions with ease – across all brands, accounts and geos.

All data, everywhere

Collect satellite data

Ringside adds context to your analytics using satellite data from your MarTech platforms, call centre or CRM. Cost, campaign, order performance and any other data source that helps add relevancy - all connected, collected and pulled into the Ringside customer journey schema.

First party data

All your website data is collected first party and securely stored in Google's Cloud infrastructure. We store no personally identifiable information, keeping Ringside on the right side of privacy regulations.

The full customer journey

A customer's journey is more complex than a single visit. Ringside tracks touchpoints and an event stream of Micro and Macro conversions and then looks at the full granularity of what makes up each visit. Our machine learning calculates what really drives customer behaviour. Scroll image horizontally to see journey...

Smarter questions, better answers

Back to the future

Not every visit to your website is equal. Ringside combines your campaign data with every interaction and conversion and uses machine learning to 'look forward' by 'looking back'. Understand the value of the historic in order to plan for the future.

Go further than last click


Conversions, revenue and ROAS are recalculated to show where you need to re-invest budget. Find undervalued campaigns using Ringside's machine learning to redistribute the value of each user's interactions. Visualise against 'traditional' attribution like first click, last click and last non-direct.

Forecasting and
propensity modelling

Highlight outliers and quickly identify potential issues or areas to drive significant incrementality. Understand whether a user will convert with 80%+ accuracy. Ask questions of the future - sales next Tuesday? More German visits than French next week? Over 14 days how well will my SKU perform?

Smarter questions,
better answers

With Ringside Data, you'll have the ability to ask and answer the smarter questions that cover the full scope of the customer journey.

Smarter questions, better answers

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